What is The Super Small Business Network?

Most small businesses are struggling, wonderfully average or just plain mediocre. We help those businesses to discover the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to start being awesome.

This isn’t networking

We’re not a networking group, a membership organization or some other group promising to increase profits or growth. You won’t find our meetings packed full of stuffy grey managers or multi-level marketing leeches. We don’t insist on attendance or ‘referrals’ and you won’t be held into a contract if you join.

We’re a team

We’re a group (we prefer team, actually) of small businesses owners, working together to face the very real and very difficult challenges facing small business owners today. We do this by banding together, to face challenges one at a time through shared learning and experiences, and hearing from those who have been there and done that.

Challenges which are actually chosen by our small business owner members, like “how do I make more money?”, “what do I do about Marketing” and “How do I free up my time?”. We discuss these challenges through our monthly meetings, which follow a set format, proven to work and include a speaker on that month’s topic.

We were all born to be super

It’s been designed and developed by small business owners and it is planned, run and improved by small business owners.

If you haven’t got it yet, we’re all about the small business owner and creating something to give small business owners the skills, knowledge, and most importantly the confidence to become the best that they can be; super.

Everyman is in some way my superior and in that I learn from him.

We can’t just give you superpowers; we don’t have all the answers and we don’t know everything. That’s because we’re small business owners, just like you. We need you just as much as you need us because at the super small business network we learn and grow together by sharing wisdom, experiences and knowledge. At least once a month our members learn something new, have a process for continual development to ensure they continue to grow, because if you’re not growing, if you’re not learning, you fall behind.

Our ultimate goal is to cut the crap and give all small businesses the chance to get to the core of what actually works, what doesn’t and stop so many small businesses failing. All too many small businesses are struggling, are wonderfully average or just plain mediocre. The Super Small Business Network helps move those businesses to inspire confidence, make more money and start being awesome.

Are you ready to be super too? Click here to join the group or simply come along for free.