Our Network has been designed and developed by small business owners and it is planned, run and improved by small business owners. Take a read of what our members have to say and how the Network has helped them

"I deal with Small Businesses everyday and the reason I do so is because I’m passionate about helping small businesses succeed. I’ve seen small businesses achieve great success, but I’ve also seen them fail. I’ve done my fair share of networking, but I don’t believe there is anything out there like The Super Small Business Network that can really help small business owners succeed, by working together like this."

Sean Toomer, Diverso

"Anyone concerned that it is 'just another networking event' need not worry - this is anything but - however the lovely thing about these meetings is that you do meet others in industry but on a very organic level - there is no hard sell - forced exchange of business cards - no verbal 'this is what I do' sales pitch. The talks are always varied and informative - nothing repeated which leaves me interested to attend the next one. I think the whole ethic of the SSBN has been very well thought out and I love the structured format meaning you know what is coming and when and any social anxiety is put to one side as there is very little need to make 'small talk' if you are someone that finds this environment tricky. Well done SSBN - I look forward to the next one!"

Fran Hodgson, Bookkeeper

"SSBN is a great group to belong to. It's a place to meet like-minded positive people, who are running their own businesses and who are all aiming to make their businesses thrive! It provides a place to share ideas and learn from the experiences of others, regarding all the day to day challenges that running a business brings, and allows for a relaxed and informal way to network. The meetings are positive and creative sessions, with an inspiring guest speaker at each meeting, followed by a chance to have a discussion and share ideas with the rest of the group. Plus you get tea and biscuits!! What's not to like!?! Such a great way to spend the first Tuesday of every month."

Amy Perkins, Garden & Landscape Designer

"I have implemented a social media strategy, streamlined my business proposition and gained valuable customers since joining the Super Small Business Network. You can talk openly about daily challenges, meet and listen to inspiring business leaders, I am truly encourage by this refreshing approach. It’s working for me…"

Richard Long, Chatter Communications

"The SSBN is a great network of like-minded business owners that come together to discuss relevant topics that we face in our businesses. It’s not a stuffy or scary environment where you have to stand up and ’pitch’ for business against others and you won’t get a load of business cards shoved down your neck. What you get is real, honest and helpful discussions on all the things that small business owners face on a day to day basis. It’s great to hear how others in business approach things and what tips and tricks they use and what’s worked well for them. I always come away feeling like I have gained some insight or nugget that I can implement in my own business"

Andrea Holmes, Pink Spaghetti PA Services

"I've been running my business for over ten years and during that time I've been to lots of 'networking' events. The reason I co-founded The Super Small Business Network was to take the best bits from all those events and distill that down into one amazing group. My dream is that by focusing on education and support we'll create a helpful and generous community which in turn builds high-quality, long-lasting relationships between members."

Tom Perkins, Evolve Websites