Meet our team of members who work together to face the very real and very difficult challenges facing their small businesses (and yours) each and every month (and in between!). We all work together to help inspire confidence, make more money and start being super.

George David Hodgson

Maison de Choup

Industry/Profession: Fashion Retail
Dislike: Bad Manners
Drinks too much: Gin
Favourite film: Some Like It Hot

Alan Caulfield

Wessex Medical Ltd

Industry/Profession: Suppliers of Emergency Medical Products and Ancilleries
Dislike: Lies
Drinks too much: Milk
Favourite colour: Red

Tom Perkins

Evolve Websites

Industry/Profession: Online Marketing
Dislike: Selfishness
Drinks too much: Tea
Favourite film: Good Will Hunting
Super-hero ability: Optimism
Favourite song: Free Fallin' by John Mayer

Wayne Vincent

Change People's Lives

Dislike: Arrogance
Favourite film: The Pursuit of Happyness
Super-hero ability: Connection / Communication

James Newton

Magic Torch

Industry/Profession: Recruitment
Drinks too much: Whisky! (Though 'too much' are strong words)
Favourite film: The Untouchables
Super-hero ability: Flying

Andrew Wood

pulse8 Graphic Design Ltd

Favourite film: Tron Legacy
Favourite colour: Black
Super-hero ability: Stop Time

Richard Long

Chatter Telecommunications Ltd

Industry/Profession: Small Business Telecoms
Best dance move: The worm
Favourite film: Romancing The Stone
Favourite colour: Blue
Super-hero ability: Fly
Favourite song: Wanna be starting somthing (Michael Jackson)

Amy Perkins

Amy Perkins Garden Design Ltd

Industry/Profession: Garden Design
Dislike: Octopus! urgh just urgh!!
Drinks too much: Tea! Can never say no to a lovely cup of char!
Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption

Sean Toomer


Industry/Profession: Accountants
Best dance move: The Worm
Drinks too much: Red Bull
Favourite film: Rocky VI
Favourite colour: White
Super-hero ability: Superhuman Speed
Favourite song: Video Killed The Radio Star

Graeme Cooper

Cultural Finesse

Industry/Profession: Business training & coaching
Dislike: People who come into a coffee-shop queue behind me and send their companion to sit at the table I wanted before they have even bought anything!
Drinks too much: White wine on a Friday evening!
Favourite song: "I was born under a wandering star" - sung by Lee Marvin in the film of the musical "Paint Your Wagon"

Fran Hodgson

Essential Business Support

Industry/Profession: Bookkeeper
Best dance move: In the 70s - The Latin Hustle
Favourite film: All of Me
Super-hero ability: Listening
Favourite song: Rockadoodledoo - Linda Lewis