Meeting Notes: How to build a great team and get the best from your people (7th August 2018)

Author: Tom Perkins   |   Date: 16th August 2018   |  Tags:

Below you'll find a summary of the meeting notes from our meeting on 7th August 2018 discussing the topic of how to build a great team and get the best from your people. The group came up with some excellent ideas as you can see below.

Idea #1: One of the key takeaways from the meeting was the fact that different people are motivated by different things. For some it’s money, for some it’s respect, for others it’s freedom. Understanding what motivates your team members can really help you to manage and reward them.

Idea #2: We heard an example of one of our members who had a team member who seemed to be a great fit during interview, but it soon became apparent they were not a great fit a few months in. This was managed with a difficult conversation where the member ‘convinced’ the member of their team the role was not right for them and it would be in their interests to do what they wanted with their life.

Idea #3: One example of companies rewarding staff was the story from one of our members of a company that used to run a lottery each month if the company had met its targets. This lottery wasn’t an ordinary lottery mind, it was a lottery for the time each member of the company could leave the office that day. Some tickets allowed people to leave right away, others maybe an hour early. A great (and simple) way to reward your team for good performance. Another example of this was a different company that used to get pizzas and drinks in every Friday afternoon as a treat to the whole team for a hard weeks work.

Idea #4: One of our members shared how their entire business model has been shaped around winning and keeping clients and this has been incorporated with their team, how they are paid and how they progress. This has been done with a simple, yet effective bonus structure, linked directly to company goals and individual success with clients.

Idea #5: We heard how good managers allow team members to do what they do best. This sounds simple but so many managers tell staff what to do rather than understanding what that person does best. By playing to each team member’s strengths you can get exceptional performance from your team.

Idea #6: A popular topic with building a great team was communication, and sometimes how issues are caused due to lack of communication. One of our members shared how this was an issue with a member of her team in the early days and it turns out there simply wasn’t a clear understanding of what was required. This was resolved by introducing ‘One-on-One’ sessions, every two weeks with all members of staff. This helped convery what was required, report any issues/grievances and also to give praise.

Idea #7: An interesting idea that was discussed during the meeting was that it isn’t just success that should be rewarding. One of our members read about a company that used to reward innovation and calculated risk taking along with success. Another member mentioned how the company they work for allows it’s team members to propose ideas and even runs some of these ideas as pilot schemes which is a great way to test the idea in a controlled way.

Idea #8: Reinforcing the points mentioned in our speakers talk, a number of members mentioned how important it is to be clear and open to people (team members, clients and suppliers) about your company’s values. This obviously starts by defining and documenting your company values but then allows you to ensure that all team members, clients and suppliers understand, and align, with these values.

Idea #9: Our group discussed how with one member, who had just taken on a few employees, found it very difficult to relinquish control to her team – believing know one would care and do as good of a job as she would. She soon learned she had no choice but to abdicate responsibility. This not only freed her time to be developing the business, but also allowed her team to really deliver, and impress. They may not do a job to the same task as the business owner, but generally she has found that they will do it in their own way, which is just as good.

Idea #10: Have you ever thought about asking your team members how they like to be managed? One of our members once had a manager that did just that and it’s a great, simple way to understand your team better and how you can be a better manager.

As you can see the group came up with some excellent ideas for the power of telling your story. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 4th September 2018 where we’ll be discussing how a mastermind group can transform your business. If you’d like to come along why not grab a free ticket here