Meeting Notes: How a mastermind group can transform your business

Author: Tom Perkins   |   Date: 10th September 2018   |  Tags:

Below you'll find a summary of the meeting notes from our meeting on Tuesday 4th September discussing the topic of how a mastermind group can transform your business. The group came up with some excellent ideas as you can see below.

Idea #1:

One of our members described an issue where she feels she is like a Magpie – distracted easily by shiny things. She wanted the benefit of a support group to help keep her focused and on track – a mastermind group sounded perfect for that.

Idea #2:

One of our members shared how they meet regularly with a Mentor, which helps hold her accountable to the goals she has set and keeps her on track for where she’s heading, which is very useful. It’s also great to discuss challenges with someone who has been there and seen it before. Although they did also point out that sometimes it feels very one sided and she wishes she could help the Mentor also!

Idea #3:

A visitor to the group shared how the partners in the business (5) meet regularly with all staff which is an open forum policy. This allows them to discuss any issues in the business in a safe environment and solve them together. They also have a bi-annual staff meeting with outside speakers, which is not only great for personal development, but great for morale too.

Idea #4:

One of our members shared that they rely on a friend to discuss any challenges they are facing in business. Although this friend may not have experience of the business, it’s still a comfort to share a challenge with someone and get another ‘outside’ view point to consider.

Idea #5:

Another member shared how they meet regularly with another business owner who runs a complimentary business and they often share client work between them. This is a useful support network, especially as they tend to understand any challenges he may be facing.

Idea #6:

Sean, mentioned how the Super Small Business Network is a great support network to him and his business (shameless plug!)

Idea #7:

One of our members uses an industry forum for guidance. Any issues with clients and there has usually been another member of the forum that has experienced it before, which is a great source of support.

Idea #8:

A member who runs a business which is a franchise describes how she finds it useful to lean on the support network of other Franchisees – this is structured further with regular meet ups.

Idea #9:

A member who is a part of a mastermind group explained the importance that the partner you choose is so important – as is the sync in values you both share. This will ensure the mastermind group runs successfully.


As you can see the group came up with some excellent ideas for around mastermind groups and support networks. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 2nd October where we’ll be discussing how to win friends and influence people. If you’d like to come along why not grab a free ticket here.